MinQi for companies

We will integrate MinQi into your company - in the way that suits your company best!

MinQi as daily routine for your employees




Kick off session

MinQi access for your employees

Online live sessions

Personal support​

Ambassador training

Tailored program to establish MinQi

Accompanying communication material

Surveys on the effect of MinQi and the well-being of your employees 

Regular MinQi on-site events 

bookable as an add-on 

bookable as an add-on 

bookable as an add-on 

bookable as an add-on 

bookable as an add-on 

bookable as an add-on 


MinQi for special (digital) meetings / events

MinQi as a break within

long video conferences

MinQi as a break at your on-site even

Long meetings via video conferencing are particularly stressful for your employees for several reasons: 

  • Participants need to concentrate more intensely in order to absorb all information despite less interpersonal interaction. 

  • The gaze is constantly directed to the screen

A 20-minute MinQi break in between helps to clear the mind, to concentrate and to relax!


Length/content variable (e.g. also with 10-minute presentation in advance)

Increase the attractiveness of your event and the well-being of the participants with one or more MinQi sessions spread over the day.  

Thanks to MinQi, after the break you can continue with energy, motivation and concentration.

10 - 30 minutes.

MinQi - Mini breaks to be at your best


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