Welcome to your Advent calendar

thank you for registering to MinQi's Advent calendar! We are happy to welcome you to your 24 relaxing moments.

Today we would like to give you some more information about what is expecting you in the next weeks.

Stay tuned - each door will only open for one day!

MinQi has the greatest effect on your balance, stress level and physical well-being if you take a short MinQi break every day. To motivate you to offer yourself these 5 relaxing minutes every day, each door of your MinQi Advent calendar will only open for one day. So if you are curious about what's behind door 3, you shall have a look on December 3rd. Have a look everyday, it's worth staying tuned :) 

We don't want to spoil too much yet, but here is a small overview of what might be hidden behind the doors: 

  • Short videos for your body and mind (5-8 minutes with a different focus, all made to make you feel great)

  • 1 longer unit while lying down (for a deep relaxing effect)

  • Acupressure points 

  • 1 joke

  • Journaling exercises for more inner peace and motivation

  • and maybe we will come up with some more surprises ;)

What to expect behind the doors?

If you have any ideas/comments or even wishes for the calendar, please feel free to write us in the chat or send us an email at info@minqi.io!

You still have some more questions? Please feel free to write us at info@minqi.io

Welcome to the MinQi calendar, we are very happy to have you on board! To start, click on the link you received per mail!


Your Delphine & Sarah from MinQi