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The current situation in the home office brings new challenges, but also the chance for something new. Take the opportunity and create new routines for work at home. This way you work more productively, more balanced and stay healthy. 


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Our recommendations for the beginning: MinQi courses

This 7-day course makes your neck happy! We have designed the course specifically for the challenges in the home office, where we often work without an ergonomic desk chair and external screen.

In this course you will learn different techniques that you can use as an always available tool to stay calm, relaxed and satisfied.

We know that it is not easy to set up a new routine, that is why we want to support you.  


Sign up for the MinQi course email reminders here. Daily one email for 7 days with the link to your daily session and further input.

MinQi in the group - LIVE

This way the group feeling remains, even if we are often in different places.
Either as a MinQi live session with a MinQi trainer (20 minutes)


as a MinQi video break (5-7 minutes).


Simply take a break together in a team via screenshare. 

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And if you want to start right away, this way to our Daily MinQi. Every day you will find a different video here. 


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Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! Write us at info@minqi.io.


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MinQi - Mini breaks to be at your best


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