MinQi for companies

Stress is the

Let's win against stress.

We use our method and know-how to develop tailor-made solutions for companies that are looking for an effective and inexpensive solution to promote physical, mental and social well-being in the workplace.


We bring MinQi into your company - tailor-made!

MinQi as a daily routine for your employees

Unlimited MinQi breaks for your employees

Online courses - for body and mind


Access to public online live sessions (1 / week)


A core offer - the basis of our MinQi program

Kick off session

MinQi access for your employees

Online live sessions

Personal support​

Ambassador training

Tailored program to establish MinQi

Accompanying communication material

Surveys on the effect of MinQi and the well-being of your employees 

Regular MinQi on-site events 

With services à la carte: adapted to the particularities of your company

MinQi for special (digital) meetings / events


MinQi as a break in long video conferences

MinQi as a break at your on-site event

Long video conference meetings are particularly stressful for several reasons:


  • Participants have to concentrate more intensively in order to absorb all information and cope with the lack of interpersonal interaction.


  • Their gaze is uninterruptedly focused on the screen


A 20-minute MinQi break in between helps clear your head, regain concentration and feel more relaxed!


Length & content are variable (for ex also possible with a 10-minute presentation in advance)

Increase the attractiveness of your event and the well-being of the participants through one or more MinQi sessions spread over the day.


Thanks to MinQi, you continue with energy, good mood and concentration after the break .


10 - 30 min.

MinQi as a partner for your wellbeing strategy

The design and implementation of a wellbeing strategy that meets the needs of your employees and the goals of your company is worth every effort.


Because companies with an effective and tailored wellbeing strategy have...

... more engaged and healthier employees,

... less absenteeism

... less fluctuation

... are more attractive to talents

... and have a ROI of 1: 6 for the general wellbeing strategy (see here for more on this)

We'll show you how and support you in every phase of implementation.

We are by your side from the status quo analysis to the implementation of your program and its evaluation .


I would like to come to us. We look forward to you!

MinQi - Mini breaks to be at your best


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