Science-based, holistic and integrative - our approach for healthy teams

The realization

MinQi was born out of a realization: our modern worklife is too often destructive to our wellbeing and productivity. Rapid changes, increased future uncertainty, and the speed and loneliness of digital work environments are all stress amplifiers.

51 %

Share of Germans who experienced or felt on the verge of burnout in 2021.

Source: Statista, 2021

107 million

sick days due to mental health conditions in Germany in 2017.

Source: BAuA, 2018

61.3 %

Share of Germans reporting back pain in the last twelve months.

Source: BURDEN Study, 2020

40 million

sick days due to back conditions in Germany in 2015.

Source: TK, 2016

1 in 3

who feel disconnected from their colleagues in a digital work setup

Source: Gitlab Report, 2021

+100 % sick days

weaker performance and commitment for lonely employees.

Source: Cigna survey, 2020

The number of employees you have


employees get sick with mental illness


absence days due to mental and behavioural disorders


the annual cost of ill-mental health in the workplace

These challenges are here to stay. Let’s invent new solutions.

To meet these challenges, MinQi defined three pillars, which guide our entire approach:


Be part of teams’ routines for more reach and retention - thanks to adapted content and tool integrations (Slack).

Effective & Efficient

Reach the highest effect in the shortest
break time thanks to our science-backed MinQi method


Improve and protect the mental, physical and social dimensions of our wellbeing thanks to our all-rounded approach

Creating new work routines

Creating new work routines

It is not enough to offer an app to employees. To have an effect and not be neglected as soon as the days are too full, recharging moments must be integrated into teams' routine. And for more convenience, directly available in a few clicks. MinQi deploys adapted content, smart technologies and tool integrations to reach this aim.

Science-backed for faster effects

Science-based for faster effects

The MinQi method was developed together with two medical doctors with the objective to ensure an effect after just a few minutes. And it works! The effectiveness of our MinQi has been confirmed by a study by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University.
- 30% stress after just three weeks of usage with one MinQi break a day (5-8 minutes)

Holistic solution to fully recharge

Holistic solution to fully recharge

MinQi meets the needs of employees and teams along the three pillars of employee wellbeing: Body, Mind and Social.

This holistic approach enables us to sustainably reduce stress and increase the wellbeing, team spirit and performance of teams.

Let’s reinvent our workdays.

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