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MinQi grows teams’ performance and wellbeing by planting sticky and science-based micro habits into workdays. For Slack users, MinQi is also available as a Slack app to further increase convenience and add some extra interactive features to boost team spirit.

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Create a healthy and motivating team culture

Discover new rituals for your team that foster mental and physical wellbeing, concentration and camaraderie. Activate them in slack with two clicks.

Check -in

Keep track on your wellbeing with our 30-sec. Daily check-ins.


Tka short regenerating breaks alone or with your team

Live Sessions

Train your mind and body with our MinQi trainers - live and on-demand


Set up reminders for you
and your team


Send ice-breakers to channels, start games and get blind matched with your teammates


Start a wellbeing journey alone or together with your whole team

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Designed to enhance wellbeing

Enhance a healthy and motivating team culture

Discover rituals for your team that foster mental and physical wellbeing, concentration, and camaraderie.
Activate them through Slack with two clicks.

Micro activities

Micro activities

Take short and regenerating micro activities on your own, or with your team. Relax for 1-8 minutes, regain your focus, release tensions, or just let MinQi surprise you🪄.



Keep track of your wellbeing and ability to focus with our 10-sec. daily check-ins. Understanding better how we really feel is the first step to increase our awareness for our own resilience and focus 📈.

Live Sessions

Live Sessions

Strengthen your body and mind with our certified MinQi trainers - live and on-demand. Just click on “see schedule” to integrate the next live session into your calendar. 💪 .

Schedule reminders

Schedule reminders

Set up reminders for you and your team. Identify the right time for your team to perform a micro activity. Planning short regenerating moments every day helps you create healthy and motivating habits faster 🌱 .

Focus Time

Focus Time

Use the timer to get the most out of your day by alternating between deep work and rejuvenating breaks. Our users achieve a flow state that allows them to be up to five times more productive and six times more creative. 🤝



Start a short wellbeing or concentration journey on your own or with your whole team. Help everyone to stay on top of their game and increase team spirit 👭👫.

MinQi Breaks


Provide the fastest access to recharging moments and ensure an outstanding team experience.

Integrating MinQi in Slack adds convenience and boosts team engagement. With interactive social features, blind-matching for onboarding, and content to increase concentration and resilience, our integration is perfect for hybrid and remote teams.


Our micro activities are science-based, highly effective and business compatible.

Our content is the result of over a year of research and development with medical doctors, a yoga teacher, and a film animation expert. Our micro activities are designed to promote a state of flow, release physical tension, and enhance team spirit.

A study conducted by the LMU has shown that just 5 minutes per day can significantly improve user wellbeing. Join the many participants from renowned companies who already love MinQi - try it out today!

MinQi Breaks

Let’s minqi

MinQis are the result of over one year of R&D with medical doctors, mindfulness and film animation experts - for more effects in shorter time

MinQis are not just another meditation video, our content is science-based, highly effective and business-compatible. Our mini activities are perfect to generate a state of flow (high concentration), release tensions or break the ice to trigger more collaboration. An effectiveness study performed by the LMU has showned that already 5 minutes suffice to bring significant effects on the wellbeing of users. Participants from renowned companies like Microsoft, Bosch or Audi already love it!

5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere
10-Minute Daily Meditation

How to configure and use our Slack app?

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