Convenient and adapted moments to recharge, reconnect and focus.

Our platform and Slack app (optional) empowers employees
with science-backed digital tools, live sessions and interactive
features for proactively improving teams’ motivation & wellbeing.

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MinQi Breaks

MinQi. Breaks.

Take short and highly effective mini breaks - on-demand.

We work with two medical doctors, a yoga teacher and a film animation expert to create bite-sized and highly effective mini breaks (1-8 min) to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Available in two clicks via browser or Slack.

- 30% stress in only three weeks time with 1 MinQi/day.
(LMU, Effectiveness study, 2020)

MinQi Journeys

MinQi. Journeys.

Take a wellbeing journey - alone or as an event for the entire team.

Take a one-week journey on your own to deepen your MinQi practice (stress reduction, neck treat...). Or activate an exclusive journey for the team (incl. in PLUS plans).

Exclusive journeys are like special classes enabling your whole workplace to experience a new practice together over the course of six weeks. No matter where they sit.

Whether it is yoga, fitness or HIIT. Don’t spend time looking for a provider, surveying the team or writing communication emails. Activate a new journey in clicks.

Sharing a wellbeing practice as a team, like for ex. yoga, has been proven to increase group cohesion

MinQi Live Sessions

MinQi. Live Sessions.

Deepen your practice with our weekly live sessions with trainers.

Participate each week to an online live sessions with a MinQi trainer to deepen the MinQi effect. The sessions include movement elements (sitting and standing) paired with effective breathing and meditation techniques. No previous experience or additional material is needed.

The careful selection and combination of exercises - based on our unique method - makes it possible to obtain a profound effect in just 20 minutes. Our customer feedback is outstanding.

95% of our users rate our live sessions as good or very good.

MinQi Insights

MinQi. Insights.

Understand wellbeing over time. Feel motivated to make space for recharging moments.

Empower employees to track, assess, and understand their wellbeing – and how it varies over time. Enable leaders to make more informed decisions using aggregated and anonymous data.

Self-tracking mental wellbeing is proven to increase coping skills. Done with the highest respect of data protection, smart company insights enable fast corrective actions in an environment of trust.

MinQi Customer

"Overall session was very good. Please keep it running. It is always a pleasant highlight in the working day."

— User feedback of a recent MinQi-Live-Session

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