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MinQi for work-life balance in digital and hybrid corporate life

MinQi for work-life balance in digital and hybrid corporate life

About UTA Edenred

UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG (UTA Edenred) is one of the leading mobility service providers in Europe. UTA acceptance media give commercial customers with vehicle fleets of all sizes access to more than 70,000 acceptance points in 40 countries. UTA Edenred customers obtain conventional and alternative fuels independently of brand and cash-free, use a continuously growing charging network for electric and hybrid vehicles, toll solutions for 26 countries in Europe, and can take advantage of workshop services, vehicle cleaning, breakdown and towing services, as well as the service brokerage of a service provider for the reimbursement of value-added tax and mineral oil tax.

With software solutions for fuel planning, fleet management, telematics and a smartphone app for mobile fuel handling, UTA Edenred offers its more than 90,000 customers a digital platform with a convenient, transparent and secure 360° mobility offering.

UTA Edenred was voted "Best fuel card service provider for SMEs 2021" in a survey conducted by Wirtschaftswoche magazine and the Cologne-based market research institute ServiceValue.

The company, which was founded by Heinrich Eckstein in 1963, is now part of Edenred SE. Edenred is the global market leader in payment services for companies, employees and trading partners. In 2020, it generated more than €28 billion in business, 86% of which was through digital formats. Edenred's services create a unique network for 50 million employees, 900000 companies and public institutions, and 2.0 million trading partners.

Why MinQi?

For UTA Edenred, being and remaining an attractive employer is of the highest priority. The daily well-being and health of employees are therefore of the utmost importance. In addition, innovativeness is also a top concern at the company. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the HR department realized that the transition to digital work was not easy for many, they reacted quickly and set out to find an innovative "work-life balance" solution for hybrid and digital work. MinQi was well accepted right away. The first common MinQi breaks were quickly tested in the management circle and rated beneficial and energizing. But it was not only the effect of the common breaks that was convincing. It is also important that the MinQi content is available in both German and English at all times. This means that all UTA Edenred employees can really be supported on a daily basis.

Thus, the decision was made: MinQi was to be implemented for 600 employees in Germany and abroad and contribute to an innovative corporate culture that supports the daily well-being of employees, and brings new vigor to virtual collaboration. 

  • Innovative product
  • High effectiveness of short breaks 
  • Available at any time in German and English
"We are very satisfied with the decision to introduce MinQi and are pleased to have chosen a future-oriented path. We want to make the stressful working day as pleasant as possible for everyone. In the beginning, the MinQi approach was new and unfamiliar to many, but after the first successful kick-off meetings, it became more and more accepted and many could imagine integrating MinQi into their daily work routine. It was definitely worth it! MinQi has been very well received and it's hard to imagine our company without it." - Giuseppina De Luca, Human Resources

The MinQi introduction

UTA Edenred received communication templates for the initial communication from MinQi, including emails. The communication was supplemented by statements from management to show commitment and reduce inhibitions in use. In this context, it was also explained that it is explicitly desired that MinQi breaks be taken during working hours. 

In a company-wide kick-off event, not only was the effect of the exercises directly experienced by everyone, but the scientific approach was also highlighted. Skeptics were quickly convinced that regenerative breaks are especially important for "high performers" and that break-clichés are outdated. 

In order to remain present in the company's everyday life beyond the time with MinQi and to become part of the meeting culture, Ambassadors were selected in the company. In a workshop, they received in-depth information and suggestions. It was decided to post MinQi communication impulses (prepared by MinQi) weekly on the Intranet.  

Result: an uncomplicated introduction for all parties, in which especially the support by the MinQi team was well received.

  • Management commitment, including to use during working hours
  • Communication templates by MinQi
  • Ambassador for internal support

This is what everyday life with MinQi looks like

MinQi has become an integral part of UTA's corporate culture. This was also confirmed in the feedback survey, with 80% overall satisfaction.

Joint breaks and live sessions

The live sessions in particular are very well received at UTA and have become a recurring appointment in the calendar for many. As a premium customer, employees also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive live sessions. Each of these has a different focus (e.g. "Flow" or "Positive Mindset") and are embedded accordingly in corporate communications. 

Individual use 

UTA Edenred employees have also developed a MinQi break routine for themselves. It is great that the team cares for each other and reminds each other to take a MinQi break. 

MinQi in UTA Corporate Communications 

MinQi is always present within the company with weekly communication impulses posted on the social media intranet. The small MinQi impulses offer many things, including short exercises (graphic, without video). 

Human Ressources department sharing a short MinQi exercise

Especially delightful MinQi moments

When we were in the office again and I was participating in a MinQi session together with my colleague. We were sitting opposite each other, each at our own place. This meant that we had to keep smiling at each other. Such moments together bonded us. 

The first time I did a MinQi session, and felt it directly on my body. The small movements, the tingling, ... . That was the confirmation for me that MinQi really does something. For me it was like a little proof.

90% of our users rate MinQi as perfect for their needs

Satisfaction survey, 2021 -2022

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