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Daily team breaks - for stress management and team spirit in a hybrid setup

Daily team breaks - for stress management and team spirit in a hybrid setup


Capmo is the leading B2B SaaS startup that is transforming one of the largest yet most non-digital industries in the world with construction and real estate. The company has won multiple awards as one of the most innovative construction tech companies and has tripled its team in 3 years to nearly 90 employees from more than 15 countries. By the end of 2022, Capmo will have over 200 people defining the digital future of the construction industry so that homes, schools and hospitals, among others, can be built on time, on budget and CO2-efficiently. 

The Munich-based software startup was founded in 2018. Several hundred customers and tens of thousands of users in Europe already rely on Capmo's digital solution and implement well over 10,000 construction projects with the software.

The starting point:

​​Capmo is an ambitious, young company with highly motivated employees. Of course, that always carries the risk of burnout - especially when working in the digital setup, where "natural" breaks (drinking coffee, walking to meetings, ...) are significantly reduced. When it became foreseeable that the hybrid working world is the new reality, it was clear to Capmo: The (mental and physical) health of employees has the highest priority. Therefore, a new concept urgently required ensuring that breaks remain part of the working day, so that the digital/hybrid daily routine can also be mastered healthily and successfully. This drive and verve are the exact elements that make the company so successful, and results in employees having fun and enjoying their work.

The MinQi introduction:

For Capmo, an important decision criteria was that MinQi-Breaks are done for all employees together. No one is left aside. Accordingly, this was also the focus during the introduction. As a result, they found their MinQi ambassadors rather quickly (one per department) who integrated MinQi-Breaks into the individual teams. A shared Slack group makes it easier for them to exchange best practices and initiate group breaks. Also management, the-even -bigger supporter of the new break culture, started to take a lead and integrate MinQi breaks in meetings themselves. And very importantly, reporting on it as well. All in all -we achieved an uncomplicated and quick introduction that everyone enjoyed.

This is what daily team life with MinQi looks like:

MinQi breaks are integrated into everyday life at Capmo in different ways:

Capmo Management does a MinQi break during a coporate strategy meeting.

1 . MinQi-breaks at the end of meetings 

After certain meetings, there is a MinQi break in the calendar by default. The time period for these meetings is set to 8 minutes, as this is the maximum duration of the MinQi units. This provides for a reset after the meetings, and you can resume with vigor. 

2. Daily MinQi slot for a combination of break & informal get-together.

In certain teams, there is a 15-minute MinQi slot in the calendar every day. Here a MinQi video is made together and afterwards there is still time for a short exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. Since the MinQi-Break gets everyone on the same wavelength, this also creates a nice team atmosphere in the digital space and everyone gets to know each other better. The best time to do this: afternoons. 

3. Cross-team breaks (e.g. HR with Marketing) to encourage the collaborative spirit.

In order for colleagues to get to know each other better across teams, and thus to encourage the collaborative spirit, regular cross-team MinQi breaks take place. Here, two teams come together, do a MinQi exercise together and then have time to exchange their experiences afterwards. 

4. As breaks in workshops

MinQi breaks are also integrated into longer workshops for a little reset in between.

Everyone gets to choose - this is how the selection of the next MinQi breaks works 

Virtual Team break at Capmo - It is now impossible to imagine everyday life without them.

Of course, you may wonder who decides which MinQi video should be used and who should share the video in the meeting. In fact, it's not just the ambassadors themselves who do this. In order to involve everyone in the process, some teams always nominate someone new for their turn to be selected next time. The selection per se is limited to 4 videos each week, as they are pre-selected by MinQi - so it doesn't take much time for anyone. 

Exceptionally delightful MinQi moment at Capmo:

The team was quite engaged in MinQi meditation. When the MinQi ambassador noticed how good the break was for her colleagues that day, she spontaneously decided to extend the meditation time. She pressed the stop button and gave her colleagues a few extra minutes of the deep meditation.

90% of our users rate MinQi as perfect for their needs

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