Create a healthy and motivating team culture!

MinQi is a digital tool to integrate recharging moments into workdays to manage and improve teams' mental, physical and social wellbeing. In just a few minutes/day.



Our holistic solution gives your team the right tools to recharge in-between

Protect and improve the wellbeing of your team by integrating
short recharging moments into their (digital) workdays.

Team Wellbeing

Team wellbeing

Integrate recharging and reconnecting moments in remote, hybrid, and on-site days.

Make prioritizing wellbeing routines easier with our Slack integration, our ice breakers, team activities, and effective 5-minute team sessions.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing

Provide employees a toolbox to improve their physical health.

From mini breaks to release back pain and strength-trainings, to live sessions and fitness journeys. Offer your employees the most flexible solution to integrate movements into their daily routines.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Offer your team implementable and simple solutions to prevent remote work burnout, anxiety, and depression.

The science-based MinQi method helps employees protect and improve their mental wellbeing thanks to a series of short and efficient exercises and sessions.

Social connectedness

Help your teams combat feelings of isolation and distancing by incorporating bonding moments into their workday. Improve team morale and employee engagement. Accelerate onboarding.

Our blind-matching tool, ice-breakers and team breaks generator create a bridge to build up meaningful and healthy work relationships - and re-connect your team!

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Give employees more clarity about their own wellbeing over time. Understand better how your team is doing and implement corrective actions with just a few clicks!

Our self-reports and team dashboards shed light on mental, physical and social wellbeing - in compliance with high data privacy standards (anonymized reports, SSL certified and GDPR compliant)

Customer stories

"We are very lucky - our employees have a tremendous drive. We want to make sure they can keep that positive attitude."

Alina Jähnig
People Operations Manager at Capmo

"We are very satisfied with the decision to introduce MinQi and are pleased to have chosen a future-oriented path. We want to make the stressful working day as pleasant as possible for everyone. MinQi has been very well received and it's hard to imagine our company without it."

Giuseppina De Luca
Human Ressources at UTA

"The biggest change MinQi has brought is that we are all opening up to this new way of working together. It has created not only new routines, but a whole new work culture that is good for all of us and lets us work in a more focused way. "

Laura Rhotert
Attorney at Law at Laaser Law Firm

Bring positive changes into your organisation

Less Sick Days

We motivate your team to monitor their wellbeing and engage in daily activities to protect both their mental and physical health.

More Team Spirit and Motivation

We help teams reunite with each other by integrating uplifting team moments into their workday. Our team breaks and activities forge relationships between your teams and increase their motivation.

Less Stress & More Productivity

We reduce teams’ stress and improve employees’ focus and motivation thanks to our research-based method and our integrative tools.

Better Insights

Understand the needs and wishes of your team thanks to our fully anonymized real time dashboard. With our exclusive journeys, tips and best practices you can take corrective measures in clicks.

Attractive Workplace

By caring about your employees’ wellbeing and integrating it actively in teams’ workday, MinQi makes you stand out, positioning you as a wellbeing champion and therefore as a top employer in your region.


Establishing an effective workplace wellbeing program pays off!

-30% stress in 3 weeks!
An independent study from the LMU has shown that after practicing MinQi 5min/day during 3 weeks, Stress already reduced by 30%!
(LMU, Effectiveness study, 2020)

Return on Investment - 3,3:1
is the general return for wellness programs and up to 6:1 if the programs are comprehensive and well-run.
(Baicker, Cutler & Song, 2010)
(Berry, Mirabito & Baun 2010)

+1% happier
= +13% more productive
An independent study by three universities of which the MIT has shown a correlation between happier employees and increased productivity.
(Bellet, De Neve, Ward, 2019)

90% of our users rate MinQi as perfect for their needs

Satisfaction survey, 2021 -2022

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