Plant micro habits, grow focus & resilience, harvest success.

MinQi provides a platform that grows teams’ performance and wellbeing by planting sticky and science-based micro habits into workdays.

Physical Wellbeing
Mental Resilience
Social Belonging

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Success is a habit

Measurably improving concentration and productivity impacts the bottom line.


stress in only 3 weeks
with 5 minutes per day


physical wellbeing in only 3 weeks
with 5 minutes per day


productivity through the practice of
guided concentration sessions

Actionable & Integrable

Recharge and regain focus in minutes

Protect and improve the performance and wellbeing of teams by integrating the right micro habits into their workdays in clicks.

Mental resilience

Prevent burnout, anxiety, and depression with the MinQi Method!

Our science-based micro activities and expert-led live sessions help to build stress resilience and boost team performance.

Try MinQi today and give your team the tools they need to grow!

Mental Wellbeing

Concentration & Focus

Schedule your focus session and get into your flow!

The High Intensity Interval Focus Training (HIIFT) is an innovative approach to combat the negative effects of meeting overload and constant interruptions on work results and stress. It involves alternating phases of highly concentrated work with smart recharging activities.

Say goodbye to distractions!

Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing

Our toolbox of resources has got your back!

With micro activities to integrate movement throughout the day, live sessions with expert trainers to fit into busy workdays, and exclusive journeys including Yoga and HIIT, we offer flexible solutions to keep your team active and healthy.

Try MinQi and empower your team to be their healthiest selves!

Social belonging

Boost team morale and combat isolation with our toolbox of resources!

Our activities improve employee engagement, accelerate onboarding, and foster meaningful work relationships.

From blind-matching to ice-breakers, we make it easy to reconnect your team and build a strong sense of belonging.


Measure. Adapt. Grow.

Get real-time analytics to get the pulse of your teams and trigger smart preventive actions to protect and improve their resilience and focus.

Real-time data for smart prevention

Provide employees with increased transparency regarding their personal wellbeing and progress over time.

Gain better insight into your team's overall performance, enabling you to take corrective action with ease. Our self-reporting system and team dashboards provide valuable information on concentration, mental, physical, and social well-being while adhering to strict data privacy standards.

Reports are anonymized, SSL certified, and GDPR compliant.

Jens Otto

"Collaborating with MinQi is a pleasure on both a personal and professional level. Our teams appreciate the simple and effective micro activities that help them reduce stress in their complex work environment. It serves as a perfect asset for us to balance innovation and human sustainability at our customer service centers."

Jens Otto
Site Manager Majorel
Giuseppina de Luca

"MinQi has been super well received and it's hard to imagine our daily business life without it!"

Giuseppina de Luca
Executive Assistant to HR, Strategy and Products
Juliane Seidel

"I am fascinated by the fact that the platform offers highly effective, short activities that increase my concentration and creativity and demonstrably improve my mental and physical well-being. These healthy breaks are super easy to integrate into everyday work. Recently, there is even a Smart Assistant that helps me find the right break for my current need. The application has been installed on all BDO mobile devices for a few days now, so it's even easier to dial in."

Juliane Seidel
Senior Recruiting Specialist
Simon Kratzer

"MinQi showed us how important it is to take breaks - and how to make the most of breaks by catching your breath, stretching, and gathering strength together."

Simon Kratzer
Executive Director EMBA, UnternehmerTUM

Bring positive changes into your organisation

Less Sick Days

We motivate your team to monitor their wellbeing and engage in daily activities to protect both their mental and physical health.

More Team Spirit and Motivation

We help teams reunite with each other by integrating uplifting team moments into their workday. Our team breaks and activities forge relationships between your teams and increase their motivation.

Less Stress & More Productivity

We reduce teams’ stress and improve employees’ focus and motivation thanks to our research-based method and our integrative tools.

Better Insights

Understand the needs and wishes of your team thanks to our fully anonymized real time dashboard. With our exclusive journeys, tips and best practices you can take corrective measures in clicks.

Attractive Workplace

By caring about your employees’ wellbeing and integrating it actively in teams’ workday, MinQi makes you stand out, positioning you as a wellbeing champion and therefore as a top employer in your region.


Establishing an effective workplace wellbeing program pays off!

-30% stress in 3 weeks!
An independent study from the LMU has shown that after practicing MinQi 5min/day during 3 weeks, Stress already reduced by 30%!
(LMU, Effectiveness study, 2020)

Return on Investment - 3,3:1
is the general return for wellness programs and up to 6:1 if the programs are comprehensive and well-run.
(Baicker, Cutler & Song, 2010)
(Berry, Mirabito & Baun 2010)

+1% happier
= +13% more productive
An independent study by three universities of which the MIT has shown a correlation between happier employees and increased productivity.
(Bellet, De Neve, Ward, 2019)

90% of our users rate MinQi as very suitable
for their needs.

Satisfaction survey, 2022

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