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MinQi breaks as part of a new team culture - integrated into joint focus work sessions

MinQi breaks as part of a new team culture - integrated into joint focus work sessions

About Laaser Law Firm

Since 2015, Laaser law firm has focused on advising artists and cultural professionals in all legal matters. In addition to media and copyright law, title and trademark law, as well as corporate law issues, Laaser Law Firm particularly deals with the areas of contract law relevant to the creative and theater scene: This includes, for example, the law on grants, regulations of the NV-Buehne and the Kuenstlersozialkasse, social law issues in artists' contracts as well as tax law particularities in the case of grants and contracts with a foreign connection.

Why MinQi?

The small Berlin-based law firm not only values a pleasant and healthy working environment, but is also strongly interested in implementing New Work methods and improving working practices. In this case, the company faced the question of how focus-work can be trained. Because, as in many other jobs, it is particularly important for lawyers to be able to work in a focused manner. 

The law firm was looking for an uncomplicated solution that could be integrated into the team's daily routine with little time expenditure. This was an important criteria for making a decision to choose MinQi. A solution that not only gives each individual employee the opportunity to participate in the variety of activities (e.g. meditation), but also the entire team. The firm wanted to "institutionalize" the topic: I.e. not only promote individual routines, but also embed exercises in the common daily routine and thus in the corporate culture. The MinQi concept is characterized by this in particular and was therefore an ideal fit for their needs.

  • Train focus work
  • Embedding into the daily business routine
  • Quick and easy integration into everyday team life

The MinQi introduction

The MinQi introduction was received by the team as very self-explanatory and intuitive. In addition, MinQi was presented internally in a monthly Jour Fixe to explain the goals for the introduction and thus increase motivation. A 3-months phase was agreed on with the team for the initial phase, during which MinQi was firmly integrated into so-called focus working times (for more on this, see the next point). Everyone knew that there would be no exceptions during this time, but that the exact implementation into the team's daily routine could be fine-tuned afterwards. Why the strict rule? The company knew that it would take time to successfully establish such a new team routine, and that it would help to simply "go for it" and only then evaluate and adjust the concept. For the implementation of breaks in the daily team routine, the firm has a person who sees himself as a "facilitator".

  • Presentation of MinQi in Jour fixe
  • Consistent initial phase for collective MinQi breaks

This is what everyday life with MinQi looks like

Several times a week, focusing blocks take place at the Laaser law firm. This is a defined period of time during which the team works simultaneously in a focused manner via video conference or in the office. 

How do these focus blocks work? 

  • The block starts with a MinQi break. 
  • Focus time for 50 minutes: No cell phone, no emails, no phone calls. Exclusively focused work on a topic that the person has previously set out to work on.
  • Shared break for 5 minutes with a MinQi break.
  • Focus time for another 50 minutes
  • Shared break for 10 minutes with individual break (open window, get coffee, use restroom, etc.) followed by MinQi break.
  • Focus time for another 50 minutes
  • End

Here's a tip for introducing this shared focus work time: this kind of common approach can create a sense of control. Therefore, it is especially important to bring the team along in the process and explain how this method enriches individual ways of working (e.g., easier routine structure) and enhances teamwork (e.g., increased sense of community). Additionally, it is helpful if there is already a good basis of trust beforehand. 

Especially delightful MinQi moments

“We are also mindful of each other through this culture. It has happened several times that we have recommended MinQis to each other when we realized it would be especially good for someone at a specific moment. Definitely a plus for team wellbeing” 

90% of our users rate MinQi as perfect for their needs

Satisfaction survey, 2021 -2022

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