About us

Delphine and Sarah have been working together on professional projects for several years. During a particularly stressful phase, Delphine suffered from severe back pain.


Since Delphine had no time to actively tackle these problems while working, Sarah showed her yoga exercises that can be done at the desk. Delphine was so much better not only physically, but also mentally that she wanted to learn more and more exercises.


After Sarah and Delphine had designed and integrated dozens of exercises into their everyday work, they decided to fully dedicate themselves to their mission: to spread MinQi in the business world.

The founding team

Dr. Delphine Bradt

Co-managing director


Delphine is a passionate entrepreneur with an open mind. From her hometown Paris to Munich, she has extensive experience in many different companies. She has a broad knowledge of CSR, corporate reputation and digitization. With MinQi, she is pursuing her dream of bundling digital technologies and old knowledge to create solutions for the corporate world - for more well-being and performance.


Dr. Sarah Mahr

Co-managing director


Sarah is an enthusiastic yoga teacher. She has been practicing Yoga daily for more than 6 years. For the project MinQi she did not hesitate to stay in an ashram for a longer time. After more than 200 hours of teaching and a long training she received the Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate certified by the Yoga-Alliance. She then sat down with experts from therapeutic fields to develop a unique program.

Dr. med. Alexander Dittmar

Expert in the medical field


  • Studied human medicine at the LMU Munich

  • Doctorate in distraction therapy for spinal disorders

  • Active as a doctor in orthopedics with a focus on spinal surgery

  • Additional qualification in manual medicine / chirotherapy

  • Member of the German Society for Acupuncture


Our expert

MinQi - Mini breaks to be at your best


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